Hand clapping games are great fun! (Shame on a nigga who try to run game on a nigga Wu buckwild with the tri-BLAOW!) Doing clapping games is a perfect activity for Holidays, weekends and family parties. -snip- Update: November 6, 2019: I've kept this example even though the video isn't available any more because of the comment that I included about the hand clap routine performance. It raises questions such as “Who is this Miss Mary Mack, exactly?” and “Why does it only cost her 50 cents to go to the zoo?” Regardless, this clap game encompasses the basic skill learned in Patty Cake, but adds in two other elements. They also represent great coordination excercise as well as language excercise. Read the lyrics to the children's song Shame Shame Shame on BusSongs.com. Shame Shame Shame I dont want to go to Mexico no more more more There’s a big fat police man at the door door door He will open the door He will pee on the floor I don’t want to go to Mexico no more more more Shame ... (I said an east, a west) is done "individually". Most clapping games are quite difficult, but after a lot of practice, it looks really impressive when they are done. Hand Clapping Games. Here Irene and her Dad demonstrate how to do the hand game (simple version) known as "Shame Shame Shame" or "I Don't Want to Go to Mexico." Shame, shame, shame Shame, shame, shame on you It's not a game, game, game Shame, shame, shame, shame on you I bet you think that you're a big man now But I think you're a sick man now And you don't know how to be a good man too No, I'm not getting caught in … I Don't Want to Go to Mexico which is also referred to as "Shame, Shame, Shame", is a hand clapping game. ‘Shame shame shame I don’t want to go to Mexico no more more more There’s a big fat policeman knocking at my door door door He grabbed me by … Sometimes the lyrics in kids’ hand-clapping games make very little sense. The site contains over 3,500 nursery rhymes, cartoons and kids' songs. Case in point: Miss Mary Mack. Like in all games, there must be a winner, so at the end of the rhyme the first person to tap the other player wins. All hand clapping games have specific hand movements that go with it to make it even more fun for kids to learn.

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