[34], Manitoba's lakes host 18 species of game fish, particularly species of trout, pike, and goldeye, as well as many smaller fish. Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. Facing racism from the new flood of white settlers from Ontario, large numbers of Métis moved to what would become Saskatchewan and Alberta. Collective Memory and Personal Identity in the Prairie town of Manawaka. 'Riding The Protestant Horse': The Manitoba Schools Question and Canadian Politics, 1890–1896.

[136] Folk rock band Crash Test Dummies formed in the late 1980s in Winnipeg and were the 1992 Juno Awards Group of the Year. [110] Via Rail offers transcontinental and Northern Manitoba passenger service from Winnipeg's Union Station. Choose a specific city or town: Thomas Douglas. Riding Mountain, the Pembina Hills, Sandilands Provincial Forest, and the Canadian Shield are also upland regions. Gimli, Manitoba is home to the largest Icelandic community outside of Iceland.

Nature Manitoba. The province’s name comes from … Political parties first emerged between 1878 and 1883, with a two-party system (Liberals and Conservatives). Garnet Joseph Wolseley. The province is represented in university athletics by the University of Manitoba Bisons, the University of Winnipeg Wesmen, and the Brandon University Bobcats.

In: Hall, C Michael; Sharples, Liz; Mitchell, Richard; Macionis, Niki; Cambourne, Brock.

[112] A new, larger terminal opened in October 2011. [55] The drop in growth in the second half of the decade was a result of the opening of the Panama Canal in 1914, which reduced reliance on transcontinental railways for trade, as well as a decrease in immigration due to the outbreak of the First World War.

In 1997, the "Flood of the Century" caused over C$400 million in damages in Manitoba, but the floodway prevented Winnipeg from flooding. Folklorama, a multicultural festival run by the Folk Arts Council, receives around 400,000 pavilion visits each year, of which about thirty percent are from non-Winnipeg residents.

[65], In 1990, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney attempted to pass the Meech Lake Accord, a series of constitutional amendments to persuade Quebec to endorse the Canada Act 1982. [163] A second incarnation of the Winnipeg Jets returned, after True North Sports & Entertainment bought the Atlanta Thrashers and moved the team to Winnipeg in time for the 2011 hockey season. To order an official Manitoba Highway Map, please call 1-800-665-0040. [77] As of October 2009, Manitoba's unemployment rate was 5.8 percent. [103], Both English and French are official languages of the legislature and courts of Manitoba, according to §23 of the Manitoba Act of 1870 (part of the Constitution of Canada). After the arrival of the first European traders in the 17th century, the economy centred on the trade of beaver pelts and other furs. During the negotiations, several factors led to an armed uprising of the Métis people against the Government of Canada, a conflict known as the Red River Rebellion. There is a large population of red sided garter snakes near Narcisse; the dens there are home to the world's largest concentration of snakes. Brandon University, formed in 1899 and in Brandon, is the province's only university not in Winnipeg. We're not a big major city, so yeah we don't always get all the good flight deals, even if new travel sites are making things better! [74] The largest Christian denominations by number of adherents were the Roman Catholic Church with 292,970 (27%); the United Church of Canada with 176,820 (16%); and the Anglican Church of Canada with 85,890 (8%). Le Cercle Molière (founded 1925) is the oldest French-language theatre in Canada,[129] and Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre (founded 1958) is Canada's oldest English-language regional theatre. [150] The full-size replica of the Nonsuch is the museum's showcase piece. [86], HBC control of Rupert's Land ended in 1868; when Manitoba became a province in 1870, all land became the property of the federal government, with homesteads granted to settlers for farming. [107], In 2010, the provincial government of Manitoba passed the Aboriginal Languages Recognition Act, which gives official recognition to seven indigenous languages: Cree, Dakota, Dene, Inuktitut, Michif, Ojibway and Oji-Cree. Manitoba contains more than 100,000 lakes, including Lake Winnipeg, one of the world’s largest inland bodies of fresh water. [125] Manitoba's traditional music has strong roots in Métis and First Nations culture, in particular the old-time fiddling of the Métis. [52] Once elected Prime Minister in 1896, Laurier implemented a compromise stating Catholics in Manitoba could have their own religious instruction for 30 minutes at the end of the day if there were enough students to warrant it, implemented on a school-by-school basis.

Winnipeg is centrally located on the main lines of both carriers, and both maintain large inter-modal terminals in the city. [115] Legislation making education compulsory for children between seven and fourteen was first enacted in 1916, and the leaving age was raised to sixteen in 1962. Henry Hudson. [62] The Manitoba Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, forerunner to the New Democratic Party of Manitoba (NDP), was founded in 1932. [122] Twenty-one of these are part of the Winnipeg Public Library system. The area is drier and more prone to droughts than other parts of southern Manitoba. Major private-sector employers are The Great-West Life Assurance Company, Cargill Ltd., and James Richardson and Sons Ltd.[82] Manitoba also has large manufacturing and tourism sectors. The resolution of the rebellion and further negotiations led to Manitoba becoming the fifth province to join Canadian Confederation, when the Parliament of Canada passed the Manitoba Act on July 15, 1870. In the early 17th century, fur traders began arriving in the area and establishing settlements along the Nelson, Assiniboine, and Red rivers, and on the Hudson Bay shoreline.

Numerous small regional and short-line railways also run trains within Manitoba: the Hudson Bay Railway, the Southern Manitoba Railway, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Manitoba, Greater Winnipeg Water District Railway, and Central Manitoba Railway. [22], Southern parts of the province just north of Tornado Alley, experience tornadoes, with 16 confirmed touchdowns in 2016. [166] The province is regular host to Grand Slam events which feature as the largest cash events in the sport such as the annual Manitoba Lotteries Women's Curling Classic as well as other rotating events. more, Things to Do in Manitoba, Canada - Manitoba Attractions. In: Reingard M. Nischik. [22] Summers are generally warm to hot, with low to moderate humidity. [47] Louis Riel was pursued by British army officer Garnet Wolseley because of the rebellion, and Riel fled into exile. Monitoring the Nonsuch. Sir Thomas Button. Manitoba (/ˌmænɪˈtoʊbə/ (listen)) is a province at the longitudinal centre of Canada. [144] Gabrielle Roy, a Franco-Manitoban writer, won the Governor General's Award three times.

Other census agglomerations in the province are Brandon, Steinbach, Thompson, Portage la Prairie, and Winkler.

Summers are warm with a moderate length.

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