Stay in Chicago. “And blammin’, bitch! "), 4. It’s a deft plot trick. Alas, the road to changing definitions never did run smooth. This specific, visceral form of disharmony is what might give some Insecure viewers pause, but it’s hardly new. Now if your friend meant they weren't betting on the Super Bowl, "disinterested" would be correct. If you think this word means the same thing as a word it rhymes with, you're absolutely right. (From Latin formīcāre, meaning "to crawl like ants. In both, the telephone acts as a tool of connection and transformation. Copyright (c) 2020 by The Atlantic Monthly Group. "), 11. Donald Glover’s Atlanta, for example, brought with its arrival a new set of skepticisms about the creator’s allegiance to—and appreciation of—blackness. Pulchritude sounds like the ineptness exhibited by a lurching klutz, but it’s a highfalutin word for "beauty." Nope. 1. Stallworth’s later aural unveiling of his own blackness lands with a bang because he’s managed to fool Duke not just with his vernacular but also with his vowels. ), sounds like a bird with a suntan and a laid-back attitude, but it means "having shapely buttocks." Nugatory sounds creamy and delicious but it means unimportant, of no value or useless; futile. Means: a chain of Greek restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. "Luxuriant" sounds like "luxurious," but it's not quite the same. The visual illustration is fairly self-explanatory. The chorus sounds richest when it includes the full range of black voices—those amplified in earlier decades, those being projected now, and those as yet untapped. Isn't it ironic that people use this word incorrectly all the time? Bloop! For all the panache of Washington’s “white voice” and Stanfield’s lip-synching of Cross’s lines, the inverse of either would be far more fraught. “So you bloopin’ and blippin’ and blappin’?” 九牛一毛 (jiǔ niú yì máo) Meaning: nine cows and one strand of cow hair. And my new job was tryna fuck with my benefits. "Electrocute" means to kill someone with an electric shock (think "execute" to help you remember). Here are 10 words that might not mean what you think they mean.. "Bemused" doesn't mean "amused," though it's often used that way by mistake. ), 8. 23 Chinese Idioms To Sound Like a Fluent Speaker. If Hollywood is serious about including a diverse set of influences, it will have to pass the mic to black voices of all registers, pitches, and timbres. No one tells Aaron Sorkin that he doesn’t sound (or behave) white enough. ), The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (Fifth ed. These are studied shifts. Still, to be the voice of an entire community is an impossible feat; to have that burden thrust upon one piece—or body—of work is a hurdle that most of Hollywood’s white male showrunners have never shouldered. Gooch Valve. For the most part, Glover has overcome the long shadow of his past racial indiscretions by filling Atlanta with co-stars and characters whose stories (and voices) resonate with both natives of the city itself and black people around the country. It actually means "confused." It may be tempting to blame this one on Rob Lowe's performance on Parks and Rec, but the reality is that his Chris Traeger character was poking fun at the many people who are confused by the word "literally." (From Latin pulchritūdō, "beauty" by way of Middle French. Black English is, like standard American English, a language worthy of both speech and study. (From medieval Latin fungibilis; from fungi, meaning "perform, enjoy," with the same sense as fungi vice, "serve in place of." Go figure. (From the obsolete late Middle English word noy, a shortened form of annoy, plus -some, an adjective-forming suffix.

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