(*Cues: I'm Back (to Rise) - Killer Instinct (2013)*). Balrog slowly approaches his opponent ready to end the fight, but TJ gets on his knees and angrily pounds the ground.

Gambler. Tyler-Johnson leaps back and goes for a Powerline, but the crazy buffalo catches him mid-sprint, willing and now prepared to use his underhanded tactics. Wiz: But his fighting style goes beyond mere punches, his Flying Knee is good for aggressively closing in on opponents, and his Shoot Toss sets them up for his famous combos.

TJ: And don't think for a moment that I'll let anything get in my way, cause if you give me that moment, I'll win!

With his career ruined, Balrog returned to the life of gambling, booze, and women.

JAGO This is the second episode where the results used Killer Instinct's The End soundtrack, after. Unlike his fellow boxer, Combo also uses other methods of attack beyond punches, such as jumping knees and judo throws. According to the commentary, Nick wrote a joke ending for this fight. They both go in for a hook, but TJ's lands into Balrog's chest first, canceling his attack. Folks, it looks like Balrog clearly had the range in this fight, but I'd say TJ proved he can give as good as he gets!

Layne: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, skills, and tactics to determine the winner... of a DEATH BATTLE! He battled the sumo wrestler E. Honda, and the two fell off a cliff, and they both survived!

Boomstick: Good, freaking elephants had it coming for years. The purpose behind the Fulgore units were to battle worthy opponent they encounter. Boomstick: Does that really surprise anyone, though? His name's Kudal. He tries stomping on TJ, but Combo avoids it and gets up. Wiz: But he didn't start out that way. The match's overseer taps a finger downwards and wisely backs away from the two contenders as they resume their bout. Never shut up! Boomstick: But Balrog wouldn't be a true slugger if he couldn't take a beating. At his word, the heavyweights shuffle towards the center, TJ nimbly dodging a wide hook from Balrog. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. So, Flutters, about that birdseed... *After getting the info, starts to fade to the location* [I would love to see you work this in dude]. Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle. Wiz: Balrog, the crazy buffalo from Street Fighter. The Texan shifts backwards, evading an uppercut and giving himself breathing room to work with; swerving around Balrog's straight punches while his own are blocked.

Indeed, boxing is one of the oldest Olympic sports, and has since been refined and perfected over nearly 3,000 years; and today, two of gaming's toughest boxers go head-to-head. Balrog dashes over to the corner and starts beating TJ to a pulp rapidly, but as he charges a strong blow, Combo rolls out of the corner. (*Cues: The End - Killer Instinct (2013)*). ", after, This is the 13th Protagonist VS Antagonist themed episode, after. But unwilling to give up, TJ eventually took what little he owned to start a new life at a boxing gym in Chicago. This the first episode where both combatants are African-American, with the next one being. This sort of style is exactly the sort that Balrog uses in order to perform various special moves, such as the Dash Straight and Upper that propel him forward while attacking; the Screw Smash, an uppercut that enemy offenses fail to interrupt; and his infamous Gigaton Blow, the same hook he used to kill the Indian shaman Dhalsim's pet elephant, or his equally-iconic Turn Punch haymaker. Balrog tries to punch TJ with his right hook but he ducks under the punch, Balrog uses his left hook and successfully hits TJ three times, before Combo manages to dodge. Announcer: Moving into Round 2! Boomstick: You could say he was really "cleaning it up" in the ring, until he finally got a shot at the Heavyweight Championship. If he learned anything that day, it was only how good it felt to win. Balrog tries to fight back, but his sweeping blows are too sluggish to connect with his more agile foe. According to the commentary, the reason why TJ punching Fulgore 13 feet into the air was used as his main strength feat was that the research team for this episode tried to calculate punches where TJ punched someone off-screen. Boomstick: And TJ's go-to attack is his mighty Powerline. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. After Shadaloo's head honcho was defeated, Balrog got a promotion and ran the whole crime syndicate himself, until he ran the whole organization into the ground. Cheater. Balrog stares at empty space in confusion for a moment, before turning around and being met with TJ throwing a Superman punch that knocks the elephant killer straight into the match post. Wiz: Ultratech had a new product, a robot warrior they wanted to showcase in a battle against the boxing champ. Super Smash Bros. belongs to Nintendo, Hal Laboratory and Masahiro Sakurai. Wiz: We know this fight takes place in Thailand, and on a cliff overlooking the river, this area is very similar to the northern Kwai Yai river, which can be more than three hundred feet wide.

Wiz: Obviously, it's called a theory for a reason, every boxer is different, however, when applied at a very fundamental level, the triangle theory holds weight. TJ dashes out before going back in, but Balrog uses his gloves to grab him by the shoulder, headbutts him, steps on his foot, and punches him to the ground. Announcer: And Balrog starts strong and ferocious!

Wiz: In response, Ultratech exposed TJ for the cheater he was, and thus, he was banned from boxing, again! Both prepare to land a heavy punch, but Balrog gets the upper hand by sweeping TJ off of his feet and landing a Buffalo Uppercut. TJ got lazy, blowing his prize money on parties. Swiftly, TJ darts around an overhead hook and closes the distance; before Balrog can unleash another punch, Tyler-Johnson strikes him with a rapid-fire series of jabs to the chest; every attempt from Balrog to block is stopped by a frantic volley of blows.

With both prizefighters back to their respective corners, Balrog sheds his robe, beckoning TJ to challenge him. A peculiarly-decorated stadium, with a horde of ecstatic fans cheering on all sides, is the setting for the upcoming bout. The referee starts the ten-count, but Balrog gets up by the time the count reaches two, infuriated at being the first to go down in the match. By comparing that to the with of the river as seen here, we can estimate the cliff to be one thousand two hundred seventy-two feet high. Specifically, slugger-style punches are powerful, but also predictable and consume more energy, meaning a well-trained outboxer can keep their distance from the slugger, capitalizing on their mistakes and wearing their foe's stamina down over time. Balrog VS TJ Combo is the 81st episode of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Balrog from the Street Fighter series and TJ Combo from the Killer Instinct series in a battle between fighting game boxers. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Wiz: Also, while TJ's Out-Boxer style is quick and resilient, it can be overwhelmed by an aggressive enough opponent, if he gets overconfident, he's sure to lose an important fight sooner rather than later.

Announcer: Whoa! TJ regains his balance, but not for long once Balrog catches him with a Dash Straight that knocks him clean into a match post. Balrog releases his deadly Screw Smash uppercut, to which TJ dodges, making the Crazy Buffalo's fist hit the ground. In Balrog's case, his Dashing punches let him come in swinging. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (*Cues: Volcanic Rim Opening Version - Street Fighter IV*). Death Battle belongs to ScrewAttack. Balrog, surprised, turns around to see TJ running to him before punching him into the corner.

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