Assistant Director; Science, Technology and Society, Concepts, Frameworks and Research in Science and Technology Studies. In the second half of the course, student groups will analyze the data and write a report about the empirical findings and policy implications and give a presentation. To inspire and facilitate global learning and research at UC Santa Cruz. The main subject will be application of risk assessment to ensure food safety and food security. The students will also work on an assessment tool to measure the impact of the instructional module when implemented. The Maryland students who participate in the mid-semester week abroad would be responsible for reporting back (via in-class presentations and blogs) to the rest of the class. After an initial exercise on the qualities of transformational leaders, the teams will then engage in a series of virtual simulations that place them in real-life management situations that require them to make critical decisions while challenging ingrained assumptions. DECs provide courses which are recognised for their content and quality within the government funded Global Learning Programme. Vice President of International Affairs Raluca Nahorniac, Ph.D. Office of International Affairs Stacy J. Kosko, Ph.D. Dept. The problems will be related to quality management, process improvement, and systems design. Global learning is closely related to ‘the Global Dimension in the Curriculum’ and ‘Education for Global Citizenship’. with the aid of computational textual analysis tools. Student teams will be formed combining UMD and AUS students, to foster collaboration and interdependence. Youth work programmes Course Description: This course will bring together students at UMD’s Robert H. Smith School of Business and students at the Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi in Milan, Italy. Participants will gain both theoretical background as a basis for analysis, and professional skills for presenting their joint proposals to public officials in both Russia and the U.S. The course will provide students from the U.S. and India an opportunity to learn about each other through readings, videos, case studies and facilitated interactions. NEAD Global School CouncilsSchools across the UK are also seeing the positive impact that the Global Learning Programme is having on pupils’ engagement, knowledge,skills and values. community. The instructors will provide context for addressing menstrual hygiene as an issue that is universal and explore ways to understand cultural differences and build cultural understanding. Course Description: Dr. Kerry Tripp will deliver the first two-thirds of lectures that introduce different technologies and raise legal then ethical issues. Throughout the course, the instructors will offer prompts to reflect about the colonization of the Americas from a multicultural perspective through readings, lectures, and discussions surrounding. Title and Affiliation: Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Institute for Systems Research​, Title of Proposed Course: Global Consulting and Innovation Practicum, Partner institution: ​University of Queensland, Australia; Linköping University, Sweden. Student groups can either collect their own data in this course or use data from the Migration Data Portal ( The fellowship includes collaborative planning sessions before the courses begin and a follow-up session to discuss outcomes once the courses are complete. Technology will be utilized to create a virtual space for Cubans and Maryland students to respond to a critical issue in education and develop potential solutions that utilize both Cuban and Maryland educational philosophies. The groups will suggest a data collection strategy and present their research question and how they plan to obtain the data back to the class halfway through the course.In the second half of the course, student groups will analyze the data and write a report about the empirical findings and policy implications and give a presentation. CPD Training and workshops Teaching ideas. farmers in Nimba County, Liberia. The module will be designed to be accessible for both boys and girls. Additionally, the course offers a cross-cultural, project-based platform for students to apply student development theories in the context of diverse campus environments. "The Global Classroom Fellowship has been pivotal in laying the groundwork for future collaborative work in my field," Pickard said. Teachers have increased confidence and understanding of how to promote informed, active global citizenship. Title and Affiliation: Professor, Urban Studies and Planning, Title of Proposed Course: Industrial Districts, History, Theory and Practice, Partner institution: ​Higher School of Economics, Russia. Throughout the course, students will work in groups to propose high-performance renovation design options that improve the existing building energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Based on students’ newly acquired knowledge and skills on the various topics on nutrition sensitive agriculture, nutrition sensitive post-harvest handling, storage and processing, nutrition behavior change communication and dietetics, they will be able to discuss and recommend culturally sensitive and population acceptable interventions. UMD Honors students and peers at the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul will jointly re-examine both the longer and more recent history of Afghanistan. The purpose of this global graduate class is to train and disseminate knowledge to the participants on the food safety and security. The course will also highlight a community based research approach, requiring students to put into practice “learning leadership” tasks such as self-reflection and evaluation, asking constructive questions, storytelling, and building community. It enables learners to engage with complex global issues and explore links between their own lives and people, places and issues throughout the world. Next, students will identify and select a science/ technology program/ policy to investigate. It is apparent in our daily lives: Before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world. (4) Representatives from external organizations (e.g., research institutes, NGOs), will be invited to attend the final presentations and the products of group. Students will be made into “student researchers” by the end of the course, becoming genuine collaborators in the People, Places, Events (, ) and Persian Digital Library projects (both of which are related to the larger Perseus Digital Library project) through the research projects that they will design and develop in consultation with the instructors and their fellow student research team members. The expected project deliverables are: the code for the digital edition encoded according to the Text Encoding Initiative guidelines; the code for the website; the paratextual material written as web pages; and an individual short reflection paper of one or two pages. Name of Faculty: Dr. Stephen Nkansah-Amankra, Title and Affiliation: Department of Behavioral and Community Health, School of Public Health, Title of Proposed Course: Global Health and Social Justice: Achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals in low income countries, Partner Institutions: University of Cape Coast, University of Ghana, and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Title and Affiliation: Associate Professor, Logistics, Business and Public Policy​, Title of Proposed Course: Family Capitalism, Shareholder Capitalism, and the Role of Immigrants, Partner institution: ​Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Italy. Course Description: The proposed course will be an urban design studio taught collaboratively by a US and an Iraqi professor of architecture. Global learning helps equip children and young people to live successfully and responsibly in an interconnected world. Title and Affiliation: Associate Research Professor, Title of Proposed Course: Addressing Pressing Global and Environmental Public Health Challenges in Bangladesh, Partner institution: ​Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). The class will consist of undergraduate students from the University of Maryland (UMD) and Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and will be co-taught by instructors from both institutions. Her global classroom course, Advanced Arabic III, pairs IU students with their peers from around the world who are studying Arabic at the Qasid Institute in Jordan. This course will be a virtual and all lectures, assignment, quizzes and group projects will deliver by web-based technology. The students aren't the only beneficiaries of the Global Classroom initiative; both Alramadan and Pickard said the experience has connected them with IU faculty across campus, enriched their pedagogy skills and opened doors for more international opportunities. Expected beneficiaries: Beneficiaries of the above deliverables include people who are facing the identified, real-world social issues. The global dimension can relate to both developing and developed countries. They will provide a reflection on their work, process, and international collaboration. Andrew Dobson, Whatever we do to the web of life, we do to ourselves. Through the cross-continental collaborations, students will experience a cross-cultural exchange, challenge their theoretical premises and expand their toolbox as urban planners. Reflections will be graded as a way of tracking student understanding, engagement and cultural competency. best practice. NEAD OFFERS EDUCATE TO COMMUNICATE (ETC) AND AFRICAN KEYHOLE GARDEN DAYS, CONNECTING YOUNG PEOPLE TO LOCAL AND GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTS AND DEVELOPING SKILLS THROUGH POSITIVE ACTIVITIES. This international course on food safety and food security will assist the students from UMD and Cairo University to collaborate together to solve an international challenge. instruction. Participants will gain both theoretical background as a basis for analysis, and professional skills for presenting their joint proposals to public officials in both Russia and the U.S. The focus on a European colonial-era text will work as an instrument to teach colonialist attitudes in a historical context, while highlighting modern forms of colonialism such as the ethical, social, and political implications of digital tools, resources and infrastructure, and the cultural biases inherent in their conception and design. Providing personalised learning from nursery to age 18, we are recognised as the top sixth form (ages 16-18) in the North of England and among the top 10 nationally for progress and value added. The expected deliverables of the course for each group are: (1) An oral presentation on the group project, (2) Documentation of the group project (e.g., written report, dashboard for interactive information management), and. This experience mirrors work that students will encounter in globalized architectural practice, where projects are often executed in collaboration between US and local offices, with success dependent upon inter-cultural communication skills. Course Description: A food security and nutrition project will be implemented in Ghana in three different settings: urban, peri-urban, and rural. For more information on the Global Classrooms Initiative, please contact Dr. Raluca Nahorniac or Dr. Taylor Woodman in the Office of International Affairs. Additionally, students will conduct a self-assessment of nutrition health of household members. At the country level, different statistical offices or bureau might be responsible for compiling data towards annual reporting on progress towards SDGs.

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