This doesn’t make a largely noticeable change in the sound, especially if played at a soft level. While the Blues Driver has a very warm, full sound the Tube Screamer is far more biting and bright. The huge number of looked for after 80s models despite everything being sold on eBay and Reverb are a demonstration of how well they endure. This “tightens” up the sound of a dirty amp, creating a much clearer and cutting guitar sound that is perfect for everything from modern rock to thrash and death metal. Best Wah Pedals [2020] Top 5 Options and Which to Buy, Flanger vs Phaser – Understanding the Key Differences. The blues driver is very much not a tube screamer, so they fill very different needs. It is also used as a standalone distortion pedal. But don’t worry if you still can’t decide between these two – they’re truly both classics, so your best chance at a final decision is to try them out for yourself. Both are classic overdrive effects pedals simple enough for any level of player to use, while giving performances strong enough for the greats as varied as Stevie Ray Vaughan and the Edge. The Duellist has a tube screamer and blues breaker. i do have a keeley bd-2. I mean, that's where its reputation stems from and what spawned a thousand imitators and clones. The Best Looper Pedals On the Market Now. I've been looking at both the Boss Blues Driver and the Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer. With our Tube Screamer in front, there’s a slight jump in perceived volume and more compression from the amp. The hardest part will be deciding which one makes the sound that best lets you unleash your beast. Joined: Once most amp didn’t depend on tubes anymore, players who liked the overdrive sound developed effects pedals that could replicate it through whatever amp they wanted to use. Ibanez TS9 vs TS808 [2020]: Which is the Best Option? Transparent drives are great for adding gain or boost to a sound you don’t want to alter, like a second channel or gain stage. Put in front of a clean amp with the gain turned up, it provides plenty of grit and crunch for rock and grunge style rhythm guitar. At low gain levels, it gives your sound a rich, warm overdrive that has a lot of harmonic richness. I agree with Axis29, the amount of tone control made this my choice. The most popular use of the Tube Screamer is in front of a dirty amp, used to push the amp into full metal and hard rock levels of gain and saturation. | Overdrive is commonly used in blues and other music that wants an extra emphasis without taking the showcase away from the music note tones themselves. Tube screamer as it is more natural sounding to me. Guitarists found that when they increased voltage gain and that would, you guessed it, overdrive the original broadcasted sound via amp. If you’re after a smoother, balanced lead tone, the Blues Driver is the best choice but if you want a sharper, cutting tone choose the Tube Screamer. The way this is done is called clipping, and the method of clipping determines the type of distortion. He first used them in the recording sessions for Pink Floy's The Division Bell album. Picture each pluck of a guitar string producing an up and down wave with rounded shapes that crest and bottom out at the same ratio. If you’re a blues and country player looking for a more subtle overdrive, both do very well and are widely used. We’ll give you our verdict, but don’t be afraid to try them both for your own best sound. The tube Screamer is best for: Modern rock and metal; Searing leads; Cleaning up a fuzz or distortion pedal; Tightening up the sound of a distorting tube amp; The Blues Driver is best for: This is what makes the “crunchy” sound many distortion pedals are famed for displaying, and it’s achieved by the distortion device playing the same tone as the instrument at a higher frequency (true bypass). This is around $25 – $30 more than the Blues Driver, which may or may not be significant to your budget, so be aware of that difference. We take our job seriously. Messages: 1,795. Used across genres it can do everything from delivering a subtle crunch to clean tones to high-gain saturated lead tones. You’ve probably heard that term before and might have even used it yourself already – but what does it actually mean? While any overdrive will do this, the Tube Screamer is so widely used because of the mid-range boost and slightly low end cut. OP I don’t know of any with that combination sorry. It is unequivocally manufactured, intended to endure long stretches of gigging. Distortion vs Overdrive- What’s the Difference? Messages 7,451. While perhaps not quite as indestructible as the BD-2, the Tube Screamer is nonetheless a very solidly built pedal that will survive being kicked around on stage and bashed about in the back of a van. In this guide we’re going to look at the core differences and help you decide which pedal is best for your style. It gave a lot of variations in distortion tone. I always used a Boss Blues Driver in front of my Ibanez Tube Screamer with a crybaby before or after. It is this mid-heavy tonal quality that really differentiates it from other overdrives and is why it is so widely used by the pros. However, if you’re looking for a pedal for recording and home use which will make the guitar sound better in isolation, the fuller tone of the Blues Driver is your best choice. This application is used a lot in country and blues music, when guitarists want a little extra crunch on their clean tone for leads and solos. It is also widely used in conjunction with other distortion and fuzz pedals. People often complain about the lack of lows but to get all that mids you need to shave off the lows. The Blues Driver is a bit more dynamic and versatile. That means it adds gain, or increases the volume, to specific parts of the instrument’s output at mathematical intervals. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They’re both established brands with sterling reputations, so we’re going to get into the details of how each pedal handles, sounds, and costs. However, in a discussion on the Ten Club Community forums, it is mentioned that he uses both the Ibanez Tube Screamer (TS-9) and the Boss Blues Driver (BD-2).

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