The third wing in a rotation is a $10 million guy on the open market, making good backups on rookie contracts at these spots far more valuable than similar bigs or point guards. Hope that clarified my thoughts a bit! Maledon was also just 17 at the time, a year away from being draft-eligible. His somewhat high handle could be an issue be against NBA pressure, but again, his high IQ and feel on offense give him a chance. He’s also an intelligent, willing defender who loves to pitch in on the glass. I saw Avdija in person at Basketball Without Borders a year ago, and it reminded me a lot of seeing a teenage Dario Saric play in Croatia. But his length and leaping are huge advantages in switches. Not switchable in PnR – he has no lower body strength to keep screeners from getting to their spot…it’s basically like he’s not there when the big wants to roll. Those two wings might be a bit underrated at the moment (if Devin Vassell is overrated). Started Yesterday at 04:28 PM, By Good defensive playmaker who generally does a nice job keeping his hands (and body) in passing or driving lanes. Nonetheless, Maledon was able to break into ASVEL’s rotation as a 17-year-old, played decently this past year as an 18-year-old in the Euroleague (his numbers were better than Avdija’s), and has several potential pathways to success at one of the guard spots. Haliburton’s assist totals could have been much more impressive; his tape is an infinite loop of sweet deliveries to teammates who flubbed easy chances. So we need to look at other information. There are three things about Haliburton’s game that pop: his ability to to see the game and anticipate what’s going to happen before it happens, both on offense and defense, and his ability to be an absolutely deadly spot-up shooter. Yves Pons, if he stays in, could be a SUPER SLEEPER. The Stepien’s Spencer Pearlman described it well (nine months ago). He is moving way up though. It's easy! Gets a bit antsy and is prone to forcing passes from BLOBs when he does not see a clear pass. Statistically, Reed had the highest steal rate of, Devon Dotson (William Purnell / USA Today Sports), I’m higher on Dotson than the consensus, as I elaborated in, Elijah Hughes (Mark Konezny / USA Today Sports), File this one under “just a baller.” Flynn isn’t a true, Trade Rumors 2020 - Not Involving the Grizz. Most importantly offensively, he needs to work on shooting coming off screens. Okoro is a tremendous shot blocker for his size, but you want to see more handsiness and anticipation from him. Footwork: When Halilburton is in his stance and ready to move, the footwork can be solid – quick feet, quick hips, quick reactions, etc. Can shoot some. Has some flashes around the rim too, but there are times when you see him second guess the rotation and, though he tries to recover, gives being a half second late, giving up a look at the rim that wouldn’t have been there had he gone with his initial inclination. Solid, fringe All Star type upside. Tyler Bey: looks like Ivan Rabb with a game closer to Pippen/Horry/Battier. In transition defense, he’s a shot-blocking threat too. Looks more like a "depth" guard than a starter type. Even if Okongwu doesn’t become a stretch big, he could be a steal anywhere after the first few picks. WarnerMedia Privacy Center | Can piece together multiple moves in flashes, but it’s not something he goes to often. We’ve looked these guys over like we were digging grandpa’s baseball card collection out of the basement once a month. No portion of may be duplicated, redistributed or manipulated in any form. ), even though Okongwu has an excellent post game and easily gets to jump hooks with either hand. Although I don't see anything more than a 6'5 replacement level pedestrian point guard. As a scoring threat in the halfcourt, however, he has work to do. RJ Hampton: maybe an ideal 3rd guard but that could be his UPSIDE. (If you want that guy go look at Killian Hayes). Overall, Reed may be a negative on offense if the shot doesn’t come around, but his college numbers weren’t tragic: 33.0 percent career from 3 and 77.0 percent from the line. If he goes to the RIGHT team he might not have to. He plays in the Greek second division, which is roughly on par with the competition in your neighbor’s driveway, so it’s tough to gauge his real ability level. Especially if you give him a Trae Young-esque long leash. If he gets stronger he might be able to switch onto non-drivers, but against non-small 3s, 4s, and 5s, I would not switch. It’s not that I don’t believe in Sexton, Garland, or Porter. More importantly hand strength plays into his absolutely stellar passing ability and his kleptomaniac defense. The (would be) lack of jumper in this scenario simply makes him easier to guard because he’s not someone who puts pressure on the rim (though he has great touch). His soft touch and good body control help him finish here. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Written by Spencer Pearlman,, link to other pieces and in-depth reports:, Killian Hayes Scouting Report (Collaboration), Thank you for pumping out so many reports recently Spencer. When the big actually sets the screen and does not slip it, he gets stuck behind the play because he does not have the strength to fight through screens – his reaction time here is also oddly slow…he doesn’t “feel the screen” that well. Relative to the freshman class, he outperformed everybody. “Length”? Haliburton Island is an archipelago. Shows some comfortability shooting right off the bounce without setting his feet, but the results are not there unless he has time to set. Interesting read. Nice job contesting jumpers when in isolation – quick reactions and length make it easier to contest l on the release, even if he’s not close to the ballhandler. Players of his size who have plus athleticism, can handle the ball, and fire laser beams all over the court are extremely rare. Devin Vassell: best two-way wing player in the draft? “I expect to get on the floor as fast as possible and make an immediate impact in the coming years. A swing factor here looks like "shooting". Although he’s big for a point guard, he can run pick-and-roll all day and make the right delivery more often than not. Might be the guy I think Onyeka Okongwu is although I have no idea what to make of OO either. That matters because the draft is primarily about upside, especially at the top. Anthony Edwards: my "relative bust" candidate. He’s athletic enough to finish plays at the rim as a roller, but the decision-making can be suboptimal. He doesn’t get to the rim as often as you might like, but he had a miniscule turnover rate for a point guard with such a high Usage Rate. If he becomes an All-Star center, that’s still good. In this Jan. 21, 2020, file photo, Iowa State guard Tyrese Haliburton … Because we’ve known who the top players in this draft have been for seven or eight months of Rona purgatory. Haliburton can contribute right now in the NBA. Is also prone to taking a slight step back before going over the screen. He still might be undervalued here. I had Flynn high on some of my internal big boards -- and I completely left him off some of my boards. James Wiseman: for "top tier depth" guys it looks like James Wiseman or bust. Ok, ok, here is my new comparison: meet the Brave New NBA's Tom Chambers! Or is he just a 4 who can’t space the floor (what my former ESPN colleague Kevin Arnovitz called a “retch 4”)? All rights reserved. If they like the player, Koby shouldn’t hesitate to take Ball, Hayes, or Halliburton. Three of them were the first pick in the draft and the other one was picked third and has had a very solid pro career. Terms of Use | Here's a good write up from the The Ringer about a handful of old school guards who could have thrived in this Brave New NBA (speed ball with 3's). Sleeper potential if he goes a lot lower. Even with teammates who struggled to finish around the rim and weren’t able to stretch the floor at a high level, his bigs still scored 1.06 points per possession (PPP) in the pick-and-roll when Haliburton was the one setting the table, grading out in the 63rd percentile. However, when he is in his stance and not hopping, Haliburton does a good job flipping his hips – the same goes for moving laterally, where when he is in his stance, he moves well. He should be there around 40 and could be a great instant-offense flamethrower off the bench for us. Thanks for posting. Ball can get a little loose when pressured, but still does a nice job keeping overall control. Obi Toppin (David Kohl / USA Today Sports). He has to develop ways to use his shooting threat to open other teammates – particularly hitting bigs when he comes off curls and pins. This is a tricky draft, without a clear consensus No. Could be a player worth looking at. Although he’s not a super athlete, Hayes has decent lateral quickness and great anticipation, and has posted high rates of steals and blocks in a competitive league (and without a cheating LaMelo style to get them). He can get these away cleanly, but again, they didn’t go in that often. Nice job using his length to get finishes off. That said, Wiseman’s upside outcomes can’t be ignored. 35.1k Followers, 665 Following, 84 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Tyrese Haliburton (@tyresehaliburton) Playing against pros has him ahead of the curve, he believes. Especially as a secondary guard. Defensively, he’s a switchable big who can keep guards in front of him in short-clock situations. “My injury was a little bit of a blessing in disguise, being able to step away from the game for an extended period of time and looking at what I need to work on --tightening my handle, shots off the dribble, finishing at the rim,” Haliburton said. Category Draft Profiles Opinion. Okongwu was awesome as a freshman and the only reason I don’t have him higher is that today’s game doesn’t value bigs as much. Watching him shoot before games (it’s nice to have a top prospect play a short drive from your house), Edwards seemed equally inconsistent. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20).

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