The Quarterly Labour Force Survey for the second quarter of this year records unemployment at 25.5 percent, an increase of 0.3 percentage points from the first quarter. It found that “the cause of poor performance… lies not with teachers but with the teacher education system that produced them”. It becomes difficult to understand how a task of such national importance could be entrusted to institutions that themselves have management challenges. The top priority is to make sure that all young people have the most basic skills so that there is a level playing field for all to enter the labour market. The Quality of Tanzanian education is still questionable, and there are tremendous issues to be dealt with, if Tanzania has to pursue a quality education orientation. Ireland featured this news Consequently, thousands of Indian women go unemployed. Even if it means promoting domestic labour patriotism. A country’s national security is measured by the government’s ability to produce its own competitive human capital in key sectors. However, some people’s representatives often exceed that limit and act only to realize their personal goals, inviting thereby the opprobrium of intelligent citizens. The antiquated caste system of India places restrictions on women and men performing certain types of jobs. The Initial Teacher Education Research Project (Iterp), a brainchild of JET Education Services, in collaboration with the Education Deans’ Forum and education departments, identified some challenges in the local education system. Tourism, infrastructure, food processing, logistics, e-commerce and various other sectors will emerge as large employers in India, according to projections. Nyerere, J.K (1967) Article “Education for Self reliance” Printed in Dar es Salaam by government printer. Girls don't expect to find work, so they don't pursue employment. Having few private work institutions limiting the absorption capacity of the labor market and a freed global competition placed on top of it, these two highly undermine the ability of our education system selling its graduates to the labor market, leading to high unemployment rates In addition, the state should guard against factors undermining education and other political and socio-economic systems. Since the policy “Education for Self-reliance” of 1967, both the purpose and the significance of education in Tanzania were fully realized in our nation’s greatest fight against poverty, ignorance and diseases. The figure could have marginally increased in 2018. It is essential that labour intensive technology should be encouraged in place of capital intensive technology. Hence, India also endorses ILO definition of unemployment. Being without employment is a big loss not only to the youth concerned but to the entire country, said Special Assignments Minister Dr. Sarath Amunugama. However, the sad state of affairs in our country is that the prevailing system of education does not enable one to get a job after leaving school. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a historic surge of people are seeking unemployment compensation. If you have that number of young people without these basic literacy skills they will struggle to find a job that will provide a decent lifestyle. UNESCO (2011). Insufficient knowledge about employment opportunities is also a contributory factor and can be blamed on adult illiteracy: a lot of people that are willing to relocate do not know where to go since they cannot read or write. Data from various sources indicate, migrants to other states take to crime after failing to find suitable employment. Get the facts at On top of that, transferable skills that employers are looking for, such as teamwork and communication, are not being taught. Hence, they are unwilling to work for the private sector despite holding excellent academic qualifications. During peak certification times, this browser may help avoid technical issues. Sadly, addiction unemployment is a completely neglected sphere in India, unlike in other countries. Enrolment in primary education nearly doubled from 4,839,361 in 2001 to 7,959,884 in 2006, in secondary it nearly tripled from 99,744 in 2003 to 243,359 in 2006. Win Honawar is a versatile writer and pens articles on various topics of common interest to readers. Yet, they are unable to find employment in other areas of the country. In India, such programs are conspicuously lacking and at best, inadequate. Understanding them is crucial to get an overall picture of unemployment in India.

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