Next, add chalkboard labels & pour laundry detergent & softener into the containers. I have thought about throwing it out... Hey guys! Refresh it about every other month so its still great for drinking or road emergencies! stay-at-home mom to three beautiful children, wife to an incredible husband, and daughter of a loving God. Sign up to get a free copy of my meal planning system - an 11 page printable meal planning binder, complete with a pantry inventory, shopping list, and more to help get on top of your menu each week! Love home talk and all who share they're ideas and creations. I have only used a metal slinky, so I'm not too sure how a plastic one would hold up. I allowed smaller parts of the plant to peek out. Crack eggs into the bottle and toss the shell. Hometalk 101,640 views. Squirrels need to eat also or hang from Sheppard hooks. Now this is a fantastic idea! I really wanted a new front door for our house, but a couple thousand dollars wasn’t in our budget.... Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. I thought I'd outsmart them by passing a rope through the eye of a hook my husband happened to have and then strung it across the yard, I hung the feeder on it and felt sure I'd stopped the pests. Then, cut off the top & cut two slots in the sides. I just saw a project where they painted 6 of them, drilled a large hole in the bottom corner area and stacked them on a rod that was attached to a base to make a planter. I've tried it. Hi Jean, these are just a normal coffee creamer container. I imagine manipulating the lid and tipping the container are both great helps in learning motor skills. You can paint them to look like snowmen, penguins and other things. Also the Safeway/Albertson’s brand tastes the same to me and the bottle is a pearly white color that really looks cool covered with loose stitch crochet. Here's how I made a pallet wood chevron headboard that cost me nothing as I used recycled materials.... Make the cutest Minnie Mouse ornaments with items from The Dollar Tree for only $3!Grab these... Make your own faux olive topiary inexpensively! With its handy pouring cap you can bring one of these with you to the beach or wherever you feel you need to rehydrate. Ever have a giant can of beans and thought to yourself - that could be a vase? If you have a chair or dining chair with outdated upholstery fabric, here is How to Recover a Chair... Dressing up/decorating our front porch is one of my favorite things to do each season/holiday! till they reached the feeder then hung upside down till it was empty!!! A rinsed out and dried coffee creamer container can also be used for powdered creamer if you wish. My squirrels can climb my shepherd's hooks in seconds!!!. Add some of your favorite plants & place anywhere in your home! You can store things like beads, buttons, pompoms and so much more. Next, fold the top of the hole to create a rounded top. “Upcycling” a creamer bottle is a great way to store any small snack for on-the-go snacking: small pretzel rods, goldfish crackers, etc. Upcycled Coffee Container Kitchen Organizers - Duration: ... 6 Clever Ways to DIY with Your Empty Coffee Mate Containers | Hometalk - Duration: 3:54. For a person bringing some food on a camping trip, your bottles can be used for eggs. If you have a little one, a bottle can be used as a snack holder. The uses are infinite when you just look around your home. I don’t drink coffee, but I’m tempted to get some creamer just so I can reuse the container. Another use for a creamer container is a portable sports bottle. If you'd like, you may use 1 (ONE) photo, without altering them in any way, including removing the watermark, but you must attribute proper credit and a link back to this site. My baby girl is growing so fast…she started eating cheerios today! I keep fresh water in 6 of these in my car trunk. I wish I would have thought to use them for nuts, candy, and other dry items. Hot glue in place. But where do I find these containers. Also Put petroleum jelly all over the pole. Do you reuse your coffee creamer container? Now… to track down someone who drinks it, lol! Filed Under: Reuse, Reuse Plastic Bottles Tagged With: Plastic Bottles, reuse, Reused, upcycle, Upcycled. Be sure to keep the bottle in the fridge or cooler. I acquire monetary compensation (at no cost to you) when you shop using links on this site. Then, cut off the top & cut two slots in the sides. Try this! These beautiful... Have you heard of "Trash to Terracotta"? It also works great for dry items around the house such as popcorn kernels, beans, lentils, rice and so on. I freely admit that I am not always the most creative or original person when it comes to crafting, decorating, organizing, cooking, etc...but I love being inspired by great ideas and putting my own spin on them! A cleaned out bottle can be very handy next to your coffee maker for that quick shot of sweet enhancement. “Upcycling” a creamer bottle is a great way to store any small snack for on-the-go snacking:  small pretzel rods, goldfish crackers, etc. Very cool. It helps to save our environment as well. These containers are awesome for storing and organizing craft supplies. Just line them up in a flat area and use a basketball or kickball to bowl. I use my creamer containers for Skittles, M&Ms, chocolate raisins, jelly beans, & espresso beans. This handy small plastic bottle does not just have to be used for its original purpose. If you have kids these make EXCELLENT paint holders! It would be wonderful to have you! I even used one once because my salad dressing bottle was broken. The outer label has been removed and the container washed out. I’ve thrown so many away through the years! Very great idea’s from all of you. Success! The lid of the creamer bottle is the PERFECT size for dispensing cheerios a few at a time. For older kids or adults, you can put some M&M’s or granola for a fast great treat. . It's almost impossible to out wit a squirrel. 10 Ways To Reuse Wine Bottles – Just Gives You More Of Reason To Collect Them. You can also store ground coffee in them and then just pour into your coffee pot or reusable k-cup. LOL! First, removed the label & wash the container. I'd like to receive the free email course. That sounds like a cute idea to crochet a covering for them Carolyn! I use bungee cords to hang my feeders from branches. RINSE IN A.M. SPRAY & DE-ODORIZE CAN ALSO PAINT & DECORATE, REPLACE CONTAINER AFTER EACH NEW COFFEE PURCHASE, U CAN ALSO PAINT OUTSIDE & DECORATE. This will be a staple in my diaper bag from now on! I gave up after that!!! I’m currently in... You can do a lot of fun things with bowls. Unless you put the Sheppard hook out in the middle of your yard and in an open clearing, they will still be able to jump to it from a deck railing or trees/bushes. After that, fill them with craft supplies! If you do not particularly like a lot of creamer, but just some sweetener, your container can be used for sugar. ... Ideas for Reusing Coffee-Mate Containers. How do you keep the squirrels from chewing at the seed opening and emptying the entire thing in minutes. Make your own toddler safe finger paint by mixing 1 part flour with apx 2 parts water, add some food coloring and BAM you have finger paint! And by the way I also use the containers from the dry creamer. NOTE* FOR FRONT USE ONLY. I’m so going to try your creamer idea. The nice design of these bottles makes them a great container to repurpose! I put sugar in it and use it to pour into coffee. I do a lot of work in the garden and use a decent amount of twine to tie up plants., love it what a great way to reuse I have had an ugly green vase siting in my basement for years. Just fill up with your favorite drink. One of the first examples of such is reusing them for your own creamer. Its made it so easy to pour. Good Luck. Immediately after spraying, apply the vinegar/water mixture & blot with a paper towel - this will add mercury glass effect. Try different combinations to make a homemade coffee creamer with your own personal touch. You could put dry pancake mix in there and just add water when ready. Recycled Coffee Container Crafts. Then, squeezed some leftover craft paint into the container. I recycle my plastic bottles for plastic grocery bags to use for trash Or whatever else I need a bag for. What do you reuse your coffee creamer bottle for? I use it for powder laundry detergent. As they climb up, they reach the slinky. I have seen these used as canisters to for lour sugar etc. There was an error submitting your subscription. This is a great way to lighten the load of lugging the large detergent containers to the laundry room! After that, spray paint the bottle with Krylon Looking Glass spray paint & mixed equal parts vinegar & water into a spray bottle. The text of this blog or multiple photos should NOT be copied and re-posted elsewhere without permission. Ideas for Reusing Coffee-Mate Containers. (I have used the top 5 or six rings together for strength. It seems to hold up okay.) I would also appreciate a comment letting me know so I can visit! We used a piece of flashing, made a funnel wrapped around pole then put another below that. Be sure to check out this easy DIY to strip your... Succulents have easily become my favorite plants to have around my house. Metal or plastic? We put up 2 squirrel feeders and keep both filled with sunflowers seed...they don't bother my bird feeders. So aggravating some times lol) so many awesome uses for bottles such as these. This is a Coffee-mate creamer bottle, but I think any brand would probably work. Click the button above and use code 10OFF to get 10% off regular priced items! Now with a little hot water, you’re all set for a quick breakfast. The last thing I want to do... How do you make a simple Thanksgiving centerpiece? I hope this inspires you to upcycle your old containers into something new! Add your mix and enjoy your birds. i have many empty coffee tins, I see them beautiful and I would like to use them for a nice project. I’m going to have to look through our containers to see if there’s an alternative I can use. Fill it with M&M’s and maybe a little bag with some Money, in the middle, as a surprise. I love the flowers that grow in our yard. And she loves them! What a great idea! Thanks! And your daughter is an absolute doll!! Check out these brilliant ideas below to put them to good use! Look around, stay a while, and I hope through my *unoriginality* I can provide some inspiration to you, too! Next, grab a clothespin & cut a space for it to sit into on the bottom. Try this!Check out these brilliant ideas below to put them to good use! (bundles and promo items not included). I am a bare feet in the summer, slippers in the winter kind of a girl. To fill the container, just reach up and pull the container straight down. I modified a crochet pattern to cover these bottles and put fresh or artificial flowers in them. This is a Coffee-mate creamer bottle, but I think any brand would probably work. And that reminded me of a clever Cheerio-storage method I’ve seen at the church nursery. No squirrels in birdseed. You will find its clever design great for many other areas in your home and outside. It turned out cute and looked sturdy, FOLGER PLASTIC COFFEE CONTAINERS MAKE GREAT BEDSIDE (EMERGENCY POTTYS*) ALREADY HAVE BUILT IN HANDLES (SO U DON'T DROP IT) USED FOR YEARS, WHEN U DON'T WANT TO KEEP A COMMODE CHAIR IN YOUR ROOM, WORKS FINE ESP. This dead-easy pinboard is made from a cake board and makes provision for fresh flowers. Well I did! They work great for all kinds of craft projects. FOR ELDERLY. Upcycled Crafts. After that, spray paint the bottle with Krylon Looking Glass spray paint & mixed equal parts vinegar & water into a spray bottle. Next, add dirt, Dollar Store gems & your plant! Helps save money to avoid stopping a small expensive stores for water. Have an empty Coffee Mate container lying round? We're simply learning as we go, but join us and watch us thrive, fail, pick ourselves back up and try again. Also, I put them high enough off the ground so that the deer can't reach them, even standing on their hind legs.

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