In 1998, a change in Austrian law permitted the issue of gold coins for investment purposes. Specifications are obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Good There is currently no reviews for this product. When the fifteenth anniversary of the Vienna Philharmonic Gold bullion coin was celebrated in 2004, the Austrian Mint unveiled a 1,000-ounce version of the coin, which had a face value of €100,000. We do business the old-fashioned way: providing individual service with a real person. They also produced 272,000 units of the ¼ troy oz Philharmonic gold coin. all The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is the inspiration for the designs in this national bullion coin series and features prominently in both the obverse and reverse designs. Since its introduction in 1967, the Krugerrand has carried a storied … His specific goal with SchiffGold is to bring honesty, integrity, and fair pricing to the business. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is the inspiration for the designs in this national bullion coin series and features prominently in both the obverse and reverse designs. Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin Price Charts. Founded in 1842, its roots actually go back another decade. This 13-mm-diameter coin is perfect as a gift or as an introduction to the world of coin … Goldline, Inc. - 11835 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90064. All coins are minted at the Austrian Mint AG, now a subsidiary of the Austrian National Bank. Due to the limited minting, the coin was sold at a premium of approximately 10% above gold price. It was at this time that the first gold Vienna Philharmonic coin was released. If you are looking for products not listed on our website, we can usually offer them at prices far below what our competitors would charge. 1/4 oz Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin (2020). Each individual specimen you receive is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. We recommend that serious investors in gold and silver choose only bullion coins and bars. This coin was the best selling gold bullion coin in the world in 1992, 1995, and 1996 according to the World Gold Council. Goldline recommends reviewing its Account Agreement, First produced by the Austrian Mint in 1989, the Gold Austrian Vienna Philharmonic coins are among the most popular gold coins in the world. Call No alloyed metals are added. The series includes a 1 oz gold coin and several fractional-ounce options. Product Rating Due to high demand, delivery time can be 3-4 working days longer for available products, {"name":"product","product_id":"2229","preload":1,"link":1,"description":0,"lines":0,"metal":0,"picture_size_width":130,"picture_size_height":130,"price_per_oz":0,"add_to_cart":1,"volume_pricing":0,"product_rating":0,"weight":0,"block_view":1,"preset":"product_image_vip","hide_qty":1,"schema":0,"language":"en"}, {"name":"product","product_id":"593","preload":1,"link":1,"description":0,"lines":0,"metal":0,"picture_size_width":130,"picture_size_height":130,"price_per_oz":0,"add_to_cart":1,"volume_pricing":0,"product_rating":0,"weight":0,"block_view":1,"preset":"product_image_vip","hide_qty":1,"schema":0,"language":"en"}, {"name":"product","product_id":"2333","preload":1,"link":1,"description":0,"lines":0,"metal":0,"picture_size_width":130,"picture_size_height":130,"price_per_oz":0,"add_to_cart":1,"volume_pricing":0,"product_rating":0,"weight":0,"block_view":1,"preset":"product_image_vip","hide_qty":1,"schema":0,"language":"en"}, {"name":"menu","menu_name":"mobile_menu","preload":true,"position":"top","modif":"coin_mobile","cache":1,"cache_type":"data","language":"en"}, {"name":"related_products","modif":"product_page","caliber":1,"connected_products":1,"max_items":10,"product_id":"2210","preload":1,"language":"en"}, {"name":"also_bought_products","max_items":10,"product_id":"2210","preload":1,"cache":1,"cache_type":"data","cache_expire":36000,"language":"en"}, {"name":"product_series","field_id":"1002","field_option_id":"49","product_id":"2210","preload":1,"language":"en"}, {"name":"last_seen_products","product_id":"2210","preload":1,"language":"en"}, {"name":"social","modif":"coin","text":true,"icon_width":18,"icon_height":18,"preload":true,"language":"en"}, {"name":"menu","menu_name":"footer-menu","modif":"bottom","cache":0,"preload":true,"language":"en"}, {"name":"payment_types","modif":"vertical","preload":true,"show_bank_transfer":1,"width":80,"height":40,"link":"\/en\/payment-methods\/","language":"en"}. In contrast, bullion coins are a fungible commodity for which there is always a ready, liquid, and transparent global market.

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