Requested object obtained from the Portal Content Directory (PCD) Alternatively, IFRAMES in the page make the request for the content of iViews either from the portal framework, or from other sources, such as Internet Transaction Server (ITS) or any Web site. These sites are collectively called Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX. As such, integrity checks and authentication processes in the PRT, such as the use of HTTPS protocol and single sign-on (SSO) identification are performed on them. In addition, it provides the main interface for Drag&Relate methods. From the same application or different applications in a back-end system, the content developer can collect data into an iView that is enabled to carry out Drag&Relate processes using the SAP proprietary Hyper relational Navigation Protocol (HRNP). The PCD is capable of working with several portals distributed over several physical machines, and connecting to the same database. Using a set of design tools, content developers can create Drag&Relate enabled iViews and facilitate object-based navigation (OBN) for business objects.

Copyright © 2020 Edrawsoft. For more information, refer to the section, Portal Runtime. The PRT then loads the implementation class and instantiates the corresponding object. Thus, when an object is requested, the text in the appropriate language is automatically merged to the returned object.

P4, an SAP proprietary RMI-based protocol in the J2EE Engine that enables passing messages to components. From the architectural point of view, the PCD is a logical layer of services that interfaces with portal components on one hand, and with the database shared by the portal and the SAP Web Application Server, on other. Namely, the two structural web app components any web app consists of – client and serversides. Hypertext Transport Protocol, and Secured Sockets Layer (HTTP and HTTPS) (Yahoo-> is a portal and gmail is not a portal). A portal application consists of Java software that is programmed for the portal. External services include the following: 4. The definition of a layout is implemented by proprietary tags used in Java Server Pages (JSP) to define HTML elements for pages.
Afterwards, the broker loads the class and instantiates the object. The following figure shows the components in the Portal Framework. Even when most of the code for the apps remain the same, they can still be viewed clearly and easily on a smaller screen. It then handles connection for that request only if it is intended for the portal. Usually a portal component serves a specific purpose, such as generating a static list of attributes. It provides the object representing pages, layouts, and iViews (this object is stored in the PCD as JNDI content). A logical relationship exists between the portal runtime and iViews. The integration between the PRT and the SAP Web Application Server enables the portal to leverage the J2EE standardization and implementation. It enables the portal to interpret, illustrate, and present the relations in the business objects, which represent data in a back-end system. The unification infrastructure is a set of services that exposes business objects and the relations between them in back-end applications. The PRT enables portal services to be used as web services, and also allows portal components and  portal services to access external WEB services via Web Services Description Language (WSDL) files. SAP Java Connector (JCO), an SAP proprietary interface that allows communication with SAP systems using Java applications These components are contained in the following: The following illustration shows the various layers in the PCD: The PCD is Java Naming Directory Index (JNDI) compliant and features schema support for object type definition for creating object hierarchies. * Some of these enable implementation of iViews. As a result, web application architecture includes all sub-components and external applications interchanges for an entire software application. The Page Builder component assembles the content of a page according to the defined page layout. In addition, the service interfaces with the Relation Resolving (RRS), and Autocomplete services, which work with the actual metadata obtained from back-end systems, and the manually defined relations. Such a property can be modified by end users. Abstract - A web portal architecture for implementation in private universities in Nigeria was proposed and described in this paper.

On initializing the portal for the first time, a set of predefined portal applications, such as the security and authentication mechanisms, user management functions, notification and other tools, are loaded by the PRT.

For more information, see Portal Components*. Access to the PRT is done by means of the PRTBridge service and Portal Runtime Container that are implemented in the SAP Web Application Server. The portal shares the same database and schema installed for the SAP Web Application Server (SAP WebAS). Manages the sources of information, such as find, or create data source. Plz let me know if you have played with Portal. The Portal Development Kit (PDK) available on the SAP Developer Network provides APIs that allow developers to enable portal components to access portal services, and to obtain content or invoke other applications. In addition to storage of objects and attributes, the PCD offers several features such as: Properties such as personalization can have extended attributes. The portal environment is for both developing iViews for distribution to end users and the administration of iViews, including connectivity and communication processes with back-end systems. This information is all stored in the Portal Content Directory (PCD). The Portal Framework is a logical environment that consists of a collection of software components*.

The server then responds by sending files over to the browser. Full Lifecycle Application Performance Management. Download Web Portal Architecture Diagram Templates in PDF Format, Download Web Portal Architecture Diagram Templates in Editable Format, Download More Enterprise Architecture Diagram Templates. The attributes control what the portal does with the values. You can integrate and implement other SAP NetWeaver components, such as the Knowledge Management platform and Collaboration*, into the portal through services that enable end users to search for both structured and unstructured information, and to collaborate with each other in their work.*. If the object is not yet available, PRT tries to get it from the local deployment. When a user does not have the proper permission to services, calls in the SOAP message are denied. The Drag&Relate functionality for an iView is stored as part of the iView's meta-data in the PCD. Plus, it has to communicate only through HTTP requests and cannot read files off of a server directly. Layout templates are created by portal components, such as HTML-Business for Java (HTMLB). The following is an illustration of the processes that are set in motion in the portal when it receives a request from the browser: 1. The Page Builder component assembles the content of a page according to the defined page layout. For detailed information on portal development, go to the SAP Developer Network at In addition, new layouts can be developed. The PRTBridge is the link between the runtime process of the portal and the J2EE Engine cluster configuration. Portal components can interrogate one another, expose their properties, identify other components and respond to events. Portal components and services are the mechanisms that provide content as iViews, which are programs that run in the portal client, such as a Web browser. The portal runtime provides various services, including a Web service that makes connectors available to external clients, and allows these clients to access an enterprise system as if they are local. In addition, it uses the Autocomplete service to determine the lightest path between two business objects. For example, when you run the portal for the first time, the Page Builder assembles the initial portal page, and the content of its iViews. Enables the creation of new iViews, gets list of objects, such as systems, layouts, templates, and so on.

For example, the number of cluster servers, the name of each server, and so on. The Page Builder can assemble iViews in a page as follows: In this overview, we’ll take a closer look at web application architecture, its importance for future growth, current trends, and best practices. This service connects to the navigation service for roles, including adding and deleting operations. The following provide the interfaces between the portal and SAP Web Application Server:

A portal page is comprised of the following: 1.

When a user types in a URL and taps “Go,” the browser will find the Internet-facing computer the website lives on and requests that particular page. -  Portal Runtime Container In addition to the runtime libraries, configuration files, core applications and so on, the portal sets up other services that interface with the J2EE Engine such as, PRTBridge: a service containing functionalities and services for inter-cluster communication.
Personalized objects are stored in a way that enables personalization changes to be merged automatically when a specific user asks for a specific personalized object, that is, their view of an object. A portal service is an object that is available to every portal component.

1. A client is a user-friendly representation of a web app’s functionality that a user interacts with. Overview  The set of portal services and components responsible for unification include tools, such as, the query iView wizard, which is used for creating query-based iViews.

If the request is for the content of an iView, the PRT activates the appropriate components, which in turn may use portal services to produce the HTML. Content developers can modify the default implementation of the DragAndRelate processes. Here are several attributes necessary for good web application architecture: The reason the above factors are necessary is because, with the right attributes, you can build a better app. It handles the complexity of maintaining a valid single cache for the distributed portals.

The changes do not apply to the same object being used by others. The services and interfaces responsible for unification in the portal include: Implements and manages default Drag&Relate processes at runtime. The following figure shows some of the services that facilitate unification in the portal. Enterprise Portal requires one of the following SharePoint products.

So, with relational databases, it is all about relations. The HTMLB elements manage themes and styles, and provide a full set of easy-to-use Web controls. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), a database protocol for connecting Java software to data in a database system Receives two business objects and finds the relation between them. They offer functionality to portal components, and other services. For example, when a user requests an iView, the portal runtime (PRT) first generates a corresponding portal component, if one does not exist already. I have a situation in my company where we need to develop display version of USER/ System/ Content Admin roles for developers to access the contents.

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