General election 2019: What you need to know to register and vote, Election 2019: Jeremy Corbyn is hoping to secure a Labour majority in Parliament, Election 2019: The SEVEN Tory seats which could shape general election, Has Boris cleverly left door open for NO DEAL if EU fails to play ball. Our City writer on where the Robins have real potential on the pitch. Once that's done, you can safely turn your focus to who you might vote for. With the issue of Brexit hanging in the balance, the outcome of the December 12 election will no doubt be incredibly significant. Is it immigration where you live, or the local economy? There are a lot of new names on the ballot paper in this snap election. Then of course there's how your seat voted in 2017 - which may be a key factor if you are deciding to cast a tactical vote. newspaper archive. The entire country will be voting on Saturday, February 8 to elect a new Government dublinlive Express. Election 2019: You must register to vote in advance to be able to vote in a general election, Labour's manifesto pledges risk 'sudden reaction' and run on the pound. You must be registered to vote by midnight on Tuesday 26 November for the crucial poll. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. If you don't already know what constituency you live in, you can find out on the UK Parliament website by entering your postcode. What Constituency do you live in? Millions of Brits go to the polls on December 12 in the most crucial general election in years. Click here for a printable version of the constituency boundaries map. Find your seat and see the candidates from Labour, the Conservatives and other parties standing locally. [POLL]Queen could be forced to delay Christmas at Sandringham [INSIGHT]Labour vs Conservative: Top FIVE pledges - how Boris vs Corbyn compare [ANALYSIS]. Similarly to finding your constituency online, the UK Parliament website also has a search tool where you can browse the list of current MPs. You can enter the name of the place you live in, or your postcode, and it should tell you the name of your constituency. The UK Parliament website includes a search tool where you can find out what constituency you are in. Or the NHS or Brexit? What constituency are you in? EU legal threat: Furious Brussels could challenge UK over Boris snub, ‘Safety first!’ Boris vows to avoid election pitfalls. Find out with our unique constituency guide for the 2019 general election. Size of constituencies by electorate. The UK is currently divided into 650 constituencies, each with their own elected Member of Parliament (MP).

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