Characteristics: Unrevealed. Her clothes and possessions were taken and she was given a new wardrobe of thrift store castoffs. “Sofia wanted to go see Peter … I wanted to go party … but I also knew, like, we needed to be a united front. Liela imagined a different scenario: she believed that Alex had went down to the river, had a heart attack, fell in and drowned. But at almost every turn of her difficult journey, Alex also found outstanding grassroots Mormon people who took her in, helped her, and shared with her their own personal beliefs—beliefs that often diverged from the Church’s official position on homosexuality. When it came down to the contentious “Call Her Daddy” contract renegotiations, Cooper said Nelson was so eager to be hands-on that Cooper’s family raised red flags about his intentions. Know your own theology well enough to think about it critically and recognize its shortcomings. When Alex arrived, a small but loyal group of peers were ready to stand by her. When 15-year-old Alex Cooper came out to her devout Mormon family, they drove her from the family home in a Southern California suburb to an unlicensed in-home treatment program whose proprietors, fellow Mormons, promised they could help Alex change from gay to straight. Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin's Love Compatibility, By Zodiac Sign & Numerology, A Full List Of All The Men Selena Gomez Has Dated So Far, 8 Unromantic (But Real) Signs You've Found The Love Of Your Life, How Tall Is Barron Trump? She had extremely limited contact with her parents and no contact with friends. She wants the new show to have a broader range of topics than its former iteration, she said. The guy is a complete weirdo and Kayce is obsessed with him,” one Reddit User wrote. Saving Alex is full of grassroots Mormon heroes, including the local high school teacher whose own lifetime of experience as a witness to the experiences of LGBT Mormons made her a committed ally, to the youth crisis center worker who took Alex out to watch baby horses graze in the sun and told her, “Not all Mormons think that way. Cooper writes, “I came to my feet in front of him … He made a fist and punched me in the gut, knocking the wind out of me. One of the names that is being thrown around is Barstool Sports podcaster and multi-media personality, Kayce Smith, who has long been rumored to be obsessed with Lentz. It’s also worth noting that Kayce — a prominent media figure in the sports world who has almost 400K followers on Instagram — immediately made her Instagram profile private once rumors that she and Carl had an affair started hitting the web. While it means everything to me, I don't expect people to always understand it,” she wrote. Directed by Jeffrey G. Hunt. When a teenager reveals that she is gay to her devout Mormon parents, they decide to send her to a conversion therapy home in Utah. When searching through David's room, authorities found a photograph of Alex Cooper holding his grandchild. Read on for theories about who Carl Lentz cheated on his wife with. This failure is on me, and me alone and I take full responsibility for my actions,” he said on Instagram. Alexandra Cooper debuted her first solo episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast Wednesday after a dramatic split with former co-host Sofia Franklyn. Your Ad Choices Her thorough religious education—she really had paid attention all those years in Sunday School—empowered Alex to turn a critical eye back on the people who claimed to have God on their side. “It was too forced. RELATED: Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin's Love Compatibility, By Zodiac Sign & Numerology. Isn't she a member of his church?” one Reddit user quipped, to which another responded, “She liked his post about it which seems odd to me. Olivia Jakiel is an editor and writer who covers celebrity and entertainment news. They care about the money.”. Up to that point, much about her California childhood was typical. Terms of Use He did not want to be arrested for a crime he didn't commit, so he went on the run. At church and at home, Alex was taught that God had a plan for everyone. Alex's car was locked and there was clothing and fishing equipment inside. Marital Status: Married Results: Solved. And despite their united front on the show, Cooper said there were always issues between the pair that were exasperated by Nelson’s influence. One of the most beautiful parts of Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story is … Margaret noted that Alex always paid with a large roll of cash; she feared that someone may have seen this and decided to rob and kill Alex. “Def not Alex. Her clothes and possessions were taken and she was given a new wardrobe of thrift store castoffs. Joanna Brooks is an award-winning religion writer, co-editor of the just-released Mormon Feminism: Essential Writings (Oxford UP), and a senior correspondent for Religion Dispatches. Weight: Unrevealed Details: Sixty-five-year-old Alex Cooper of Cranbrook, British Columbia, was an accomplished musician, much-loved husband and family man. He changed his name to Alex Cooper to avoid capture and married Margaret four years later. It’s Time for Democrats to Read the Bible Verses on the Wall and Stop Courting White Evangelicals, We Can Finally Put the Lie to Trumpism: 5 Myths Debunked By a Biden Victory, 11 Election Tweets to Amuse, Infuriate, Enlighten, and Amuse You, A Hidden Amy Coney Barrett Answer on COVID That Should Scare Every American, Pulitzer-Prize Winning Historian’s Latest Reveals the Problem with Today’s ‘Religious Freedom’. This story has been shared 86,147 times. “I know I catch a lot of s*** about my connection to Hillsong and relationship with my pastor and friend Carl Lentz. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A viewer from Hamilton, Canada, recognized Alex and contacted authorities. “My co-host is trying to have men come in and play penis games over a show that they do not know jack f - - king s - - t about. Then, on May 27, 1991, the mystery of Alex Cooper began to unravel. A year passed without any word from Alex. David had lived in a boarding house in Toronto for approximately a year. “He would always mention to us, ‘You’re going to need a business manager.’ As months went on, [it was like,] ‘Oh, wonderful, we’re just f - - ked.’ It was just so obvious that he was there … not just out of the goodness of his princess’ heart.” Instead, Cooper claims, he wanted a “piece of the pie.”. Alex Cooper, a 21-year-old lesbian women living in Utah, endured eight months of physical and mental abuse in order to “correct” her queer tendencies. Carl Lentz has also worked with Barstool Sports before, appearing on a podcast episode in 2017. One day before that, she liked a tweet that read, “Should probably stop using giant coffees as meal replacements but anxiety does that,” to which she replied, “I feel this on a spiritual level,” which could also be alluding to her rumored affair with her pastor. Follow her on Instagram and keep up with her zingers on Twitter. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. “The last back-and-forth, big communication I had with Sofia was f - - king awful,” said Cooper, who is no longer living with Franklyn. is this blind item about carl lentz and the girl from call her daddy oop, — cowboy hat emoji bitch (@noabournexo) November 5, 2020, RELATED: A Full List Of All The Men Selena Gomez Has Dated So Far. Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the September 25, 1991 episode. In 1986, he took a job as a salesman and began to spend some of his time on the road. Released on March 16, her book is garnering massive media attention and is described as “illuminating.” It uncovers the truth about the acts of religious extremists whom attempt to “heal” LGBT people. As important as it is to tell the dark truth about conversion therapy, it is just a important that Alex’s story has a happy ending: she makes a courageous escape, finds allies, fights a historic court battle to go home under the protection of the law as a gay teenager, reunites with her now accepting family, finishes school, and moves to Portland to start a new life with her girlfriend. There are even jokes about future grandchildren. God has no place for people like you in His plan.” Their hateful words were just the beginning of the abuse. “I don’t even know the guy,” Cooper said of Braun. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our, Apparently, There Are No Gay Mormons in the Church, This Is the LGBTQ+ Christmas Film You’ve Been Waiting For, Pro Soccer Team Walks off Field After Homophobic Slur, Raven-Symoné Gets Married in Surprise Backyard Wedding, ‘Prince & Knight’ Puts a Gay Twist on Traditional Fairy Tales. The people who held Alex in conversion therapy tried to use Mormon doctrine as an instrument of abuse. Then, on May 27, 1991, the mystery of Alex Cooper began to unravel. Unsolved Mysteries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Thanks for contacting us. Another surprise player? Apple iOS 14.2 came with over 100 new emojis. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. © 2020 by Tango Media Corporation All Rights Reserved. 12 hours ago. Alex was permitted to attend her local high school for a short portion of her stay in conversion therapy. Many experts warned Burke that given what she’d been through, including a suicide attempt, the best thing for Alex might in fact be to get her on the next bus out of her Utah Mormon contexts and into a safer environment with a foster family. It’s totally fine to be gay. In an episode called “The Funeral,” Cooper dished on her breakup with Franklyn — a tangled drama that spilled all over the internet last week and even involved a cameo by Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, who haplessly wandered into the fray. Now, at 21, Jason and Alex stand together still, and Jason will travel to be with her for the Saving Alex book release event March 7 at Powell’s bookstore in Portland. When her Mormon parents learned she was gay and had a girlfriend, 15-year-old Alex Cooper was sent away to live with a pair of sadistic Mormons appointed to … Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story is a 2019 American biographical drama television film directed by Jeffrey G. Hunt.Produced by Lifetime as part of its "Ripped from the Headlines" feature film, it aired on September 28, 2019.. When Alex Cooper was fifteen years old, life was pretty ordinary in her sleepy suburban town and nice Mormon family. “What if I haven’t sucked a d - - k in two weeks?”, Still, she promised to not abandon their core coital interest: “Sex is never not going to be part of this motherf - - king show,” she said. HarperCollins Authorities found no footprints or other evidence around the car. In working with Alex to tell her story, I’ve come to recognize some of the most critical contributors to the survival of LGBT teens in conservative religious communities.

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