Currently (October 2018) available in 249 colors, all colors are available for us to order in 1/4 pound hanks for $18.00 or on 8 yard cards for $2.00. This is a very fine weight wool used for canvas embroidery, crewel embroidery, and even counted cross stitch. The wool can be used for weaving, crafts, and tapestry. If you uncertain which color or colors to buy we recommend you buy a single skein of a color first in case the color you get is not what you expected as we do not accept returns of thread. Appleton tapestry is similar to DMC tapestry yarn, but perhaps slightly thinner and a little bit less tightly twisted. Paternayan (pronounced Pat-er-nay-an), sometimes referred to as Paterna, is a lovely Persian 3-ply crewel yarn – we have considerable stocks of skeins and hanks of most of the 417 colours as well as the (discontinued) D-numbers. Price: $1.85/skein or $7.50/hank - note: crewel skeins are approximately 27 yards - crewel hanks are about 195 yards in length - tapestry skeins about 11 yards - tapestry hanks about 60 yards in length Please indicate Unless this situation changes we will have fewer and fewer Anchor yarn colors in stock so please check with us prior to trying to place an order for Anchor yarn. We also offer a special deal on the entire New Crewel palette as well as "Samplers"of selected Appleton … Raw wool may be brought in for washing and carding. This helps me choose colors in thread from other manufacturers. APPLETON TAPESTRY WOOL is a heavier, tapestry-weight yarn which comes in all the same shades as Appleton crewel wool (currently 420 colors). Copyright 1998-2020. Also available by special order (please allow 2-4 weeks) are hanks of Appleton tapestry, which measure approximately 65 yards, for $7.00. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Where and how can I buy it? Two strands will cover on 18 mesh canvas. SORT BY. Strand different colors together for shaded effects. You can also find lots of options online. DMC BRODER MEDICIS or "medici" used to come in 180 colors. As a general rule, our kits are only sold in printed form. For the best results at achieving a truly fuzzy look, brushing it with a bunka or nap raiser brush is advised. Also available by special order (please allow 2-4 weeks) are hanks of Appleton crewel, which measure approximately 164 yards, for $7.00. This thread looks extremely fuzzy on the card, but when you stitch with it typically you will "trap" the majority of the fuzzy part in the fabric or canvas. Wool & Hoop offers ALL 421 lush Appleton Crewel Wool colors by the skein, which includes all of the colors found in our Wool & Hoop kitsand in Katherine Shaughnessy's New Crewelbooks. The simplest method is to order online, or you can visit the workshop by appointment - send a message or call 0843 479 3071 / 0757 242 1022. Appleton's have 421 colours, all of which are available in tapestry wool (4 ply) and crewel wool (2 ply).. We offer all 421 colors in either crewel weight (2-ply) or tapestry weight (4-ply) skeins. Available in 422 colors. APPLETON CREWEL WOOL is a finer-weight wool imported from England where it is produced in a gorgeous range of 420 colors. Search for other Clothing Stores in Appleton on The Real Yellow Pages®. The yarn itself is the same, the yardage is the same, the colors are the same, the primary difference is that hanks are NO longer available and the 25 meter/27 yard skeins do not consist of continuous lengths but now consist of five 5 meter lengths. 5 out of 5 stars (1,106) 1,106 reviews $ 2.75. From shop CraftsyNotions. Sadly the situation surrounding Anchor tapestry wool is going from bad to worse. Please inquire if you need a color other than white or ecru. "homespun" effect or for soft backgrounds. We are also unable to order this yarn directly from Europe as the people in Europe are prohibited from selling to the US. Paternayan, Paterna, or Persian wool is long fiber wool from New Zealand. We have very low shipping charges of approximately $3.35 (subject to change) sent to US addresses(subject to change) for small thread orders to enable you to do this affordably. For tent/basketweave on 10-mesh canvas, it is recommended that one strand of tapestry wool and one strand of crewel wool be used in the needle together. There are many reasons for this policy, but a primary reason is that once the thread has left our store, we can no longer verify that it has been kept clean and unused, and in most cases, we can no longer tell which dye lot a given thread came from. 99. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Burlington Coat Factory at 697 N Westhill Blvd, Appleton, WI 54914. Needlepoint yarn and tapestry wool in hanks (large twists) and skeins (with paper bands round them). The beauty of Appleton tapestry wool, Planet Earth Wool, and Vineyard Wool is that they are designed to be used in single strands, which means that they’re really good for beginning stitchers. Appleton's Tapestry Wool Appletons have been producing tapestry and crewel wool for almost 200 years, made to the highest quality from UK sourced and spun wool. It comes in 390 colors. Appleton embroidery wool has been around for about 170 years and is known throughout the world for their quality and consistency. Also spinning/weaving/knitting lessons, workshops, and kits; Icelandic sheep. All colors are available in 8.7 yard skeins. It is a wonderful thread to use for a There are over 400 colors, and all of the colors are available in tapestry wool (4 ply) and crewel wool (2 ply). In stock on December 3, 2020. An actual thread color card is available for $68.00 (card shows colors for both crewel and tapestry yarn but samples on card are of tapestry weight). VIEW. An actual thread color card is available for $68.00 (card shows colors for both crewel and tapestry yarn). If you mix different brands, you'll see different textures emerge in your stitching, which is great if you want that. 3. We are limited due to time constraints to help if you don't have color numbers to give, but let us know your needs and we will see if we can help. We have Appletons, Paterna wool and Anchor Tapisserie wool. If you buy thread from a company that accepts returned thread, how do you know where the thread they sell you has been before it gets to you? Tapestry wool: Skein - 10m, Half-hank - 27.5m, Hank - 55.0m chart Appleton wool-DMC wool for needlepoint. Currently available colors (sorry, for now we can only list them by number) are: We are unable to accurately show colors on the internet. I don’t have access to Appleton wool thread (closet shop that carries it is a 3 hour drive), but I do a lot of projects that specify it. Although we do not stock it in every color, we try to keep it in stock in color W-88 (white) and W-89 (ecru) plus most gray and brown tones. Anchor tapestry wool is available in 10 meter (11 yard skeins). When in doubt, we recommend you buy and test a small amount prior to ordering larger quantities. Determine the Tapestry Wool Coverage The following charts list the average usage of tapestry yarn for different counts of canvas using Basketweave stitch. Color cards are currently not available. Click here for the Appletons Color Chart. If you are looking for Paternayan, please contact us to see if we have the color/quantity you need; otherwise we may be able to supply you with or order for you the equivalent color in Colonial Persian Wool (see next entry). PATERNAYAN PERSIAN WOOL continues to have supply problems after five years under new ownership. NOT all are in our store currently. Color cards have not been available for several years, and the announcement was made a while back by DMC that this yarn will no longer be available from them. We do still have the same yarn but now without DMC labels (except for some existing inventory). Ideal for needlepoint, general embroidery, and creative stitchery, its twist and thickness provide excellent canvas coverage with a smooth, even texture. items left, Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …, © 2020 Needlepoint Joint. Click here to view the Appleton color card. Therefore you can be confident that the thread you buy from us is clean, unused, and that we can send you multiple skeins from a single dye lot when that is important. Wool. Persian Yarn: By far the most popular yarn used for needlepoint, Persian wool can be purchased in hundreds of colors from delicate hues to bold shades.It comes from the factory spun as a single 3-ply thread, which makes it a very versatile yarn. Appleton Crewel is a 100% pure wool, fine, moth-resistant, indivisible crewel yarn from Great Britain. Appletons Crewel ~Tapestry Wool Color Card ~ 421 Colors. They also come in 3 sizes: Skeins (10 yards), Hanks (equivalent to 6 skeins) and bundles (20 hanks). Helpful. Price per 11 yard skein of Anchor tapestry wool: $1.50. Crewel and tapestry wool are wholesale only, please see our stockists page for your nearest stockist: Wisconsin wool directory for farms that sell wool and wool products from sheep, llamas, alpacas: wool yarn, fleeces, natural fibers, rovings, felt, wool blankets, lambskins, hand-knit mittens/hats. DMC Tapestry Wool actual thread color cards are no longer available to stores to sell to customers which makes it hard for us to help you select colors (showing wool colors online is too inaccurate). Powered by Shopify. We still have inventory of some discontinued colors but over time they will disappear and we will not be able to replace them. Appleton tapestry wool. There are approximately 6 skeins to a hank. This thread works nicely on 12-, 13-, and 14-mesh canvas and for cross stitch on 10ct fabric. Read more. APPLETON TAPESTRY WOOL is a heavier, tapestry-weight yarn which comes in all the same shades as Appleton crewel wool (currently 420 colors). How do I buy Appletons Wool? Wool is an animal fiber which has a soft look when stitched, and which Appleton Crewel wool is thin 2ply wool Appleton Tapestry wool is thicker 4ply wool Some of t Kits only available to buy online. Threadneedle Street 485 Front Street North, Suite B Issaquah WA 98027 USA e-mail: (425) 391-0528 voice line Store Hours 10:00 am-5:00 pm Pacific time Monday - Saturday (we do not close for lunch) This wool comes from merino sheep and is thought to be the softest wool of all. appleton’s skeins and hanks crewel/tapestry wool. This makes it very hard for people to buy DMC tapestry wool unless they have listed specific color numbers to purchase. Each skein is 25 meters/30 yards. Appleton Tapestry . CONVERTING THREAD: From time to time we get requests to convert thread from one brand to another or one type to another. 2. Please keep this in mind before you buy. Appleton Wools have been produced in England for 180 years from the finest wool selected from the markets in Bradford, Yorkshire. Colonial Persian Yarn by Colonial Needle is a traditional 3-stranded Persian wool, using the same yarn/suupplier supplier as the old Paternayan company. There are approximately 5.5 skeins to a hank. We will continue to sell our existing supply of Paternayan yarn while it lasts and fill in with the Colonial Persian when we can. You may order by old color numbers if you know them. 8.7 yd (8m) skeins are available in an extraordinary palette of 390 colors. Can I buy a charted version of a design, not a printed canvas ? Their unique colour palette ranges from those used by William Morris to newer shades introduced for today’s designers. In 2009 DMC reduced the color range of this yarn to 390 colors from 460 colors, a loss of 70 colors.

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