“I . They encircled her and blocked her path. This is about birds so keep it in the present tense or present simple. a short low sound that a chicken makes. . cluck noun. “Rawr!” roared the bear. The language is richly descriptive and includes some challenging vocabulary, such as sheepishly, jolted, pleasantries, and encircled. Time is a bird for ever on the wing. Every bird likes its own nest. The woods were just as quiet as she was. “This is where we played capture the flag last summer,” John said to Gabby, pointing to the area that was cleared of trees. “Hello?” she whispered into the wind. All alone, I can’t make a difference. The Core Skills Workout is a series of skill-based activities that will help your students "bulk up" in the comprehension skills they need most to become strong, analytical readers. Still, she wiggled a finger in her ear and caught one last sentence from the baby deer. Well, she didn’t say yes, exactly. She squinted. “I’ve grown quite fawned of you! Finally, she whispered, “I don’t know if I have one of those.”. She didn’t want to run. short high noises that some birds, animals, or machines make. Want to play?”, Veronica shook her head. The birds of the mountain can tell of the place. One day John a “Brave Chicken” is another tale of how a young girl overcomes her shyness to speak up for others. TM ® & © 2020 Scholastic Inc. All Rights Reserved. What role do animals play in each story? She was only one person. : To date more than 856 bird species have been recorded in Ethiopia, twenty of which are endemic to the country. Heart pounding, Veronica weaved between trees to the source of the sound. The air smelled fresh and crisp. “Thank you for coming,” she said into the megaphone. Still, she wiggled a finger in her ear and caught one last sentence from the baby deer.    Â, The wolf tells Veronica, “When the whole pack howls together, it’s hard to ignore.” Show the Storyworks video “Sleeping With the Wolves: A Night at the Wolf Conservation Center” from our October/November 2018 issue to remind students how they can “howl” for wolves.      Â, In the story, Veronica is frustrated by her shyness and wishes she could be more outgoing. They seemed to be at the beginning of their project—but how long before they chopped down the whole woods? But Veronica stayed hidden in the shadows. Each bird likes to hear himself sing. Related words. He was followed by a doe and a trembling baby fawn. Their cries rose together; it turned into a collective sound of determination and strength. Write Ten Sentences about Birds; Write ten sentences about birds or short paragraph. Don’t! And she had to start the howl. birds are very helpful for many time when we are free than their noise make sound for us as a music, This site is using cookies under cookie policy. But Veronica slipped away to find the animals. we . “I’ve grown quite fawned of you! Veronica’s enthusiasm for protecting the environment and saving the animals’ home inspired me. The noisy fowler catches no bird. A shock traveled down her arms, and her ears felt like they were underwater. “Veronica’s Pack" is a magical realist story about an extremely shy girl who learns to speak up when her beloved local forest is in danger. The doe whistled, and the forest began to rumble. What could she do? But this was important. “I’m so glad you came back. Her face was hot, and she could hear someone—probably Gabby—call her name. “Then let’s find them.”. chirp noun. Turtles lay eggs, too. “We have no time for pleasantries,” said the fox. From all around the woods, animals were stampeding and flying their way: skunks, chipmunks, foxes, owls, wolves, a whole flock of birds, and even a bear. You are being redirecting to Scholastic's authentication page... For more support materials, visit our Help Center. I wish I could do something, but there’s nothing I can do.”. What made you think of the character of Veronica? Writing Prompt: Imagine that you are Veronica. “We can’t let this happen!”, “No!” said a boy named John.

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