The resulting floor seems very secure and rigid.

Brilliant system, I’m not the handiest of people but managed to board my loft, fit lights and get all the junk we only use once a year in the loft in a weekend. I am planning on using your headboard idea and incorporate some of my own, but between you and makendo that is a fantastic plan and bed(s)!! Hello! Walmart Protection Plans cover the total cost of repair, or replacement, for products, as well as covering delivery charges for the exchange. We just put this bed together today and everything is predrilled and the ends only go together one way. Aug 30, 2016 -Your Zone loft bed is suitable for children and teens. I recommend tightening all the bolts again after project is complete. Features a sturdy pine wood construction, a ladder, full-length guardrails and a panel design on both the headboard and footboard.

Add the strips of 5/8" plywood to the underside of the 486 mm long pieces so you can support the backs of the shelves; 55 mm back from the rear of each shelf. It uses some of the design principles of the one-legged bunk bed I posted previously - namely using the walls as part of the frame. It's tight, but possible. Well, you finally made it to the homepage :P, Reply It exactly fit a 4 foot sheet of plywood with two feet cut off it, leaving space to open the door into. The addition of a Walmart Protection Plan adds extra protection from the date of purchase. The Your Zone Metal Loft Twin Bed, Multiple Colors is a stylish and fun option for your child's room. Let your child’s creativity run wild with the Your Zone Loft Bed. Purchased a kit which was very easy to install as a DIYer.

Buy Your Zone Metal Loft Twin Bed by SuperIndoor (Single, Black) (Twin, Assembly instructions included, Dimensions of kids loft bed (L x W x H): 78.3″ x 41.9″ We then ordered the Emily Futon in white leather from and put under it. If you need extra plywood to cover up a fireplace like I did, that will add another $50. Watch your child’s face light up with delight when they get to customize their very own personal space with the Your Zone Loft Bed. I'll add another one if he needs it. However, we could still put it together.

Thank you. And pretty much as soon as I'd built that one, my eldest son moved into a room of his own... and wanted a loft bed, too. What an excellent product. One end of the cloud loft bed (from here on in, #1) is a combination ladder/bookshelf. The Difference Between Standard & Raised Loft Boarding, Five Things You Should And Shouldn’t Store in Your Loft. My 10YO, who the bed is for, has a couple of inches before he hits his head.

Good luck with your … Our home has 8' ceilings and the clearance for this bed is fairly tight. So now I am stuck. it is a birthday gift for my daughter. document.write((new Date()).getFullYear());© Dorel Living. Also the room they have in the picture must be HUGE. Let your child’s creativity run wild with the Your Zone Loft Bed. Shelf (optional) 6. and we have not verified it. No - we only have 8' ceilings so this was about as high as we could go while still allowing someone to sit up in. Utilitarian, but easy and with a nice miter and rounded edges (I used a roundover bit in my router), it looks good. So I added a clothes rail so he can hang clothes under the bed. I'm thinking a 2*6 mounted flush under the bed frame or flush on one side and outside on the other. The sturdy metal frame can support up to 225 pounds, making it suitable for both older kids and teens. 2 years ago, ha, yeah it does look like it took a while, but I'm happy to report that it's not the first time, 6 years ago

Assembly Video.

I have a small room thats used as a study, but whenever we have people around I seem to be short on sleeping space and end up using an inflatable mattress here. Loft beds generally have a railing to remind the occupant that rolling out is a bad idea.

The forum ‘Child Education’ is closed to new topics and replies. Otherwise, all good.

Convenient free under-bed space that can be used as storage, a play or sitting area or as a workspace (desk not included). This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out.

This delightful loft bed makes an inviting and creative bedroom that is both space saving and functional. I also used an orbital sander, jigsaw, router, tape measure, square, level, studfinder and a cordless drill. My 17YO tried it out and when he sat up in bed, his head hit the ceiling. Fill all the holes and imperfections in the lumber with wood filler, and sand.

This would be nice in full size....what measurements do you recommend for full size and futon below? I just moved and do not have a computer so I called their "help line." Very easy to install, and saved lots of money doing myself. Watch your child’s face light up with delight when they get to customize their very own personal space with the Your Zone Loft Bed. Repeat for the other holes.

Well designed system and came quickly on a pallet despite the easter weekend. Because inside a bedroom this bed will take up a pretty good chunk of space. Well impressed with how easy it was!

Note: $250 wooden commercial loft beds can be found, but they look pretty flimsy and won't have any storage. It's also covering a redundant fireplace, which gives the opportunity for adding a secret compartment. Comprised of a twin-size loft bed, it is suitable for rooms with limited space. Tel: 07065141938, Your zone metal loft twin bed instructions, COPYRIGHT © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2015. I used 2x8 and extended them above the bed to create a headboard shelf area.

Price is a little hard to judge, because I had some materials already. The other loft bed (#2) has a mitered railing instead of a cloud, and because it's going in a bigger room, has space for a desk and another bookshelf alongside the bed.

to see all the coverage offered for each product.

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Bought a starter kit to floor the small part of the loft that can actually be done. I did add some 3/4 in. The part that sucks is this didn't happen during shipping. There is also a degree of flexibility and margin within the design which allows it to be installed on top of irregular joists and around protruding roof supports. I know it makes it a little harder to climb but my kid is a climbing master so I am not worried about that. Here, we decided to use plywood cut into cloud shapes (who doesn't want to sleep on a cloud?). Saturdays: 10:00 am to 6:30 pm EST

3 years ago. Maximize space in your child’s bedroom with the DHP Twin Loft Bed. Typical of a lot of properties in the area, Tom has, There are plenty of dos and don’ts when it comes storing items in your loft.

No snags whatsoever, and I am not a keen DIYer. Screws are very easy to strip at the top even with the provided allen wrenches.

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